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A rear image of the Samsung Galaxy S8 is filtered

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We know that the Samsung Galaxy S8 is going to be one of the terminals that more expectations will wake up throughout 2017 and even more after the failure of the Galaxy Note 7. Samsung is gaining prestige in the launch of this smartphone and it seems that already A rear image of the Samsung Galaxy S8 has been leaked . image

As always all this revolves around rumors, there is no official data of the manufacturer , but the image does come to confirm certain aspects of the terminal that we already imagined.

A rear image of the Samsung Galaxy S8 is filtered.

The feature that most attracts attention when viewing the image is the location of the fingerprint sensor , which is found in the back side of the camera. This has taken us by surprise since we all expected it on the front of the phone.


As for the screen, is the element on which more has been speculated, although all rumors point to a curved screen of 5.8 inches or 6.2 inches , since there will be two different models. On the screen, there would be no lack of 3DTouch technology for pressure sensitive pulsations.

Although it is not clearly seen in the filtered photo, we can almost safely say that the Samsung Galaxy S8 is equipped with a USB Type-C port. The battery would be 3000 mAh for the model of 5.8 pulagdas while his older brother would equip a 3500 mAh battery .

The photographic section is about which we do not have many details, although seeing this image we can already say goodbye to our hopes of having a dual camera. According to rumors, the Samsung Galaxy S8 would equip a rear camera with 12MP sensor and aperture f / 1.7 . The front sensor will be 8MP.

Other technical specifications of the Samsung Galaxy S8 that are rumored are:

  • RAM memory: 4GB .
  • Internal storage: 64GB .
  • Speakers with stereo audio.

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