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Black Shark Helo, the mobile phone for Xiaomi games

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The world of smartphones opens new markets too often, there are phones for all types of users. In the market we can see super resistant phones for extreme sports, smartphones with professional cameras and the new reef to exploit are the mobile phones for gamers . It is in this field where we have seen the recent release of Xiaomi, the Black Shark Helo, a mobile for the most gamers .

Black Shark Helo Xiaomi

It's not just Xiaomi who has covered this type of device. Other brands have also launched their models of smartphones for gaming, for example the Razer Phone 2 or the same Huawei Mate 20 X. And the fact is that the power of the current mid-high range phones offers many possibilities to run games with a level of very demanding detail .

Black Shark Helo, a mobile designed by Xiaomi to play.

Before going into analyzing the technical specifications and features of the Black Shark Helo, I would like to reconsider on this type of device. Mobiles as a platform for games , is something that the press praises, but video game developers do not throw anything "serious" about these platforms.

What I mean by this, is that the mobiles are good for taking a few games while we are on the train or waiting on the subway. But a smartphone in my view, will never get the experience you get with a video game console or a PC. At this point everyone will have their opinion, but an analysis to the top games of Google Play and you can see that casual is what triumphs.

Technical specifications of the Black Shark Helo.

The first thing that draws the attention of Black Shark Helo is its appearance, with its own design of gaming components. Its aesthetic that combines the black color with a RGB LED light on the logo on the back , giving it a futuristic mobile appearance. On the sides it also has LED RGB lighting strips that change color depending on the content of the smartphone.

Leaving aside its design, we moved to talk about its screen, which uses AMOLED technology in a 6-inch panel with FullHD resolution . This screen will offer a high quality visual experience for all types of games.

Power is the key to every gaming element and this is where a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 CPU comes into play with the Adreno 630 graphics chip . The amount of RAM will depend on the version we choose, which varies between 6, 8 and 10GB. We have the perfect combination between power and screen to enjoy games in high resolution.

carcasa xiaomi black shark helo

In order to play for hours without overheating, they have included a dual liquid cooling system. We also have a plastic housing to which you can attach the controls on the sides (in the purest style of the Nintendo Switch) .

Nor will we lack the characteristics of a smartphone.

As not everything is going to be playing, the Black Shark Helo also offers us the possibilities of a Smartphone for general use. We have a 20MP front camera and a double rear camera with 12MP and 20MP sensors.

Internal storage is also very important, since games of noteworthy quality require storage availability. We can choose between a version with 128GB and another with 256GB. It has no support for microSD cards , so it is an important point.

Equip a 4000 mAh battery with fast charge. It offers 4G connectivity, WiFi, Bluetooth 5.0 and GPS.

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