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How to duplicate the screen of my iOS device on TV

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The arrival of the first iPhone 9 years ago, was a radical change in the lifestyle we were used to , and not only talking about communication, but also in terms of entertainment and how it is consumed today.

Smartphones and tablets now allow the consumption of digital content easily and quickly, whether music, images, video games and even books. And perhaps one of the great advantages of this is that all that sea full of magic and fun can be easily shared with other people, through the use of external screens such as the TV or computer monitor.

Duplicate the screen of your iOS device on TV or computer, it is extraordinarily easy and it does not require computer skills to build an entire local network, because there are devices as simple as a connector that allow you to do the task in just a few seconds, literally.

If you still do not know how, do not worry, then we will show you two very comfortable ways to duplicate the screen of your iPhone, your iPad and / or your iPod touch on your TV.

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Duplicate the image of the iPhone / iPad on the TV or computer with the HDMI connector

Have you ever wanted to show the content of your iPad screen to a friend but in a larger format? Would you like to share pictures with your family on the TV? Or maybe you just want to watch your favorite series online from the iPad directly on TV?

If so, you will be interested to know that it is possible to duplicate the screen of your iPhone and your iPad on TV through an HDMI cable and an adapter . It's simpler than you imagine!

Obviously, to connect the iPhone or the iPad to the external screen requires an adapter in which the HDMI cable can be synchronized up to the USB Lightning input with which the current Apple devices come.

While it is true that you can buy all kinds of different accessories for your iPhone or iPadin stores like Amazon or BestBuy, in the case of the Lighting-HDMI adapter it is almost impossible to acquire a generic connector so you would have to spend approximately 50 euros, what is the original product manufactured by Apple ( Lightning to Digital AV connector adapter ). This undoubtedly is a drag on the economy of some, although ... surprise, surprise !, is usually the most affordable option.

The main advantage of this method with cables and adapters for iPhone and iPad is that if for example you want to connect the iOS device to the monitor , you will not require the use of the PC, so you can connect it directly while your computer is turned off.

However, there is also the possibility of using both, connecting the HDMI to the motherboard and using the QuickTime program in simple terms, using iOS and Windows or macOS at the same time.

In addition, by using an adapter and a cable directly to your TV, you will get a much sharper, smoother and more reliable signal . Since the HDMI connection does not require Wi-Fi connectivity as in the case of the method we share below.

Duplicate the image of the iPhone / iPad with Apple TV and AirPlay

The fourth generation Apple TV (2015) and the Apple TV 4K , as well as past generations, is the Cupertino company's solution to convert a common television into a Smart TV. One of its main functions is to duplicate the screen of the iPhone or iPad on an external screen thanks to the AirPlay service.

Although it requires the use of the internet, it does not take much broadband to perform the streaming in real time, so you can continue using the connection to the network in a normal way, in case the download rate is low (<5 Mbps) .

To use AirPlay on your iPhone or iPad, you need at least:

  • iPhone 4S, iPad 2 or iPod Touch of 5 generation (hereinafter for all models)
  • Apple TV second generation and up
  • Connection to Wi-Fi
  • Obviously, both the Apple TV and the iPhone or the iPad must be connected to the same network, otherwise the AirPlay function can not be activated.

If you have already done this, you must proceed to manually activate the AirPlay service on the Apple TV. On your iPhone or iPad you must press and hold the AirPlay button that appears in the Control Center to activate the "Duplication" option. Voilá!

Use the iPhone or iPad as a remote control for video games

On the other hand, having doubled the screen, you will also have access to all iOS functions from your computer or television, which includes not only the reproduction of videos, images, songs, but also applications and video games .

This last aspect is much more interesting, since there are some titles that allow using the iPhone / iPad as a remote control . In particular, some of those games are.