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How to use WhatsApp is similar to Skype / Messenger

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WhatsApp is a messaging client that only works on mobile devices. It does not have an official client for tablets or conventional computers, an aspect that is far behind its main direct competitors such as Telegram, Line or Hangouts.

Typing on a smartphone with a keyboard is sometimes quite annoying, especially when you have to write a lot, however, doing it on a touch screen is even slower and annoying for a large number of people, which can make them decide to respond generally with short sentences and try not to overstretch the conversations.

If we have a keyboard or a computer nearby we can improve the experience of using WhatsApp by writing from a conventional keyboard that is usually quite more comfortable for users.

Depending on our device and our mobile operating system we can use different methods, keyboards and programs for this purpose:

  • Use USB keyboards through an OTG cable (Android)
  • Use Bluetooth keyboards (all systems)
  • Use a keyboard via WiFi with a program (all systems)

Using these keyboards will be very similar to being typing on a computer. One tip that we can also take into account is to buy a base to hold the smartphone at a correct angle and set the screen so that it does not automatically turn off after a while from the screen and lock options of our operating system. In this way we will avoid having to unlock our smartphone every few seconds.

A useful option that WhatsApp has for users who use these external keyboards to write is the possibility to activate that pressing the "enter" button sends the message instead of loading a new line.

To activate this option we must open the Settings> Chat settings menu and select the "Enter to send" option.


In this way the user experience will be much more comfortable and very similar to the one used previously when we used the current Skype, also known as MSN Messenger to communicate with our friends.