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Good day!

Officially acquired PS4 does not connect to the network, issuing an error nw-31295-0.

Before that, from the moment of purchase, everything worked for 7 days, on February 27 the error appeared for the first time, but, after 30 minutes, it disappeared itself, there were no other connection problems.

The console itself sees the desired access point and estimates the signal strength as very good. Next to the PS4 is the PS3, connected via the same point, there are no problems.

Both consoles are connected to the Internet via ASUS RT-N66U router.

Can someone advise something?

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Спасибо за информацию!!!!!
Thanks for the information!!!!!

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If ps3 disconnected from the network problems with the connection ps4 there? Try to configure wifi on the router manually, until there are stable results. You can also try to connect ps4 via the Privoxy program.
No, if you disable the PS3 connection, it does not appear. Yes, and I do not have 2 consoles at the same time, it's not logical somehow. About PS3 wrote to the fact that the signal power is not a problem.

What exactly should I set up manually? Wine router seems questionable, because. wi-fi connected a number of devices, but there are no problems with them.

About  Privoxy more not tell? How can you use it?
In the settings of the router the width of the channel was tried to change to auto? Though like by default auto.

Can access is closed to the frog itself like that. It's pretty picky to the routers, not the first time I've seen such posts.
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Hello! Voila I cannot connect with my PS4 internet; I configure the settings livebox etc... but when I do a test connection it puts me the error NW-31295-0 the signal of the Wi-Fi is may be too weak yet I am with my computer that is 1 m from my PS4 wtf??? So here I found nothing on the internet, yet the mac address of my ps4 is well in my livebox which is weird look:

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PS4 NW-31295-0 Correct network error

How can I fix the error code NW-31295-0 on the PS4 and what is the problem with the network error? For quite some time we have been repeatedly spotted the error code NW-31295-0 on the PlayStation 4, without that there is a really recognizable reason.Sometimes the network error turns up two to three times a day, and sometimes not at all. The strange thing is that despite the display of the PS4 error NW-31295-0, you are still online and can also use the functions of the PSN. So what to do to fix the problem?

PS4 error code NW-31295-0 - what to do?

Error code NW-31295-0 on the PlayStation 4

Error code NW-31295-0 on the PlayStation 4

Although the bug does not seem to affect the connectivity and functionality of the PSN Store or online games, the bugs get on your nerves, especially when you're in games or scrolling through the PSN store. There are different descriptions on the network that could possibly be the cause of the NW-31295-0 error, and it is often associated with a weak Wi-Fi connection.

After we have just connected the LAN cable as a test, the PlayStation 4 was previously connected via Wi-Fi to the router, it was no longer the error. Obviously, the network error on the PS4 probably caused by an unstable or weak Wi-Fi connection, at least it was the case with us.

If you are also affected by the PS4 error code NW-31295-0 from time to time, be sure to check your Wi-Fi connection and simply connect a LAN cable to the test. Are you also affected by the error and do you know any other causes? Did you solve the network error while setting up the Internet connection?

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