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How to change language Xiaomi Mi A3


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The technological expansion allows a telephone manufactured in a country to travel half a point to reach the hands of any user. This is an advantage because Asian phones in full expansion can bring their market to any demand. This means that the same phone is useful and accessible to any user, this includes elements such as connection bands or the language itself. It is necessary that a phone can change its language so that anyone can use it and understand it properly.

There are many digital devices that do not have the option to change the language because in their software development it has not been configured as such. This is a task for those who purchase the device, but they find it difficult to handle the options. This is not the case of the Xiaomi Mi A3 that you can put in any language from English to Bulgarian.

Next, we also leave you the video tutorial that contains all the necessary steps for you to change and add a new language on your Xiaomi Mi A3.

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Step 1

The first step will be to move our screen up to enter the Settings of our Xiaomi Mi A3.


Step 2

Next, we will scroll to the final part of the screen to click on the “System” option.


Step 3

In the next sale we will select the option of “Language and text input”


Step 4

Here we click on the option called “Languages”


Step 5

Here we can add a new language to be configured throughout our Xiaomi Mi A3 phone. Click on "Add a language".


Step 6

Here we will have a list of available languages that we can choose to be added to our list. Select by clicking on the one you want.


Step 7

In the case of English, select also the origin of the language.


Step 8

We will see that a list of languages is created. To change the current language we must click and drag on the language we want to set, in this case English.


Step 9

Now we will see that the language of all our menus has been modified within the Xiaomi Mi A3.


In this way we can add the languages we want and then place them according to our preferences.

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