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How to change language Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite

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The majority of mobile phones currently, when they are factory- initiated by a user, request that this one default a language, which will be used in all aspects of the system, from the descriptions of the tools, to the information internal of the applications and accessories of the mobile. It is important that we have the language that we are interested in, since it is delivered correctly, it will mean accessing the phone\'s options correctly. However, it is possible that for certain circumstances you want to change it.

However, being contrary to what everyone thinks, this same language can be changed, and the truth is that doing it is very simple, especially if you have a phone Xioami Mi 8 Lite , because, it is very versatile in This aspect of system configuration and customization.

Although, if you do not know specifically how to do it, then just follow the steps that we will show you below.

In this video there is a Xiaomi Mi 8, but the steps are the same for the Lite version.

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Step 1

To start, just go to the option "Settings", you can find this same in the applications menu, or on the main screen of your mobile represented by a nut symbol.


Step 2

Now, you have to scroll down in the options panel where you will appear, and there, you have to look for the option of name "Additional settings" and press it. It has 3 ellipses on its left side, so you can differentiate it from the rest.


Step 3

Now, you will find yourself in a section with multiple options, however, the one you are interested in is one that has as a description "Languages ​​and text input".


Step 4

Next, you have to give it in the first option that will appear, which bears the name of "Languages", this is the one that will allow you to change the default language that your Xioami Mi 8 Lite device has.


Step 5

By completing this last step, you will see how you will be shown a long list of all the available languages ​​of your Xioami Mi 8 Lite system so you can set one as the default. You just need to scroll through it, and look for you want, then select it by clicking on the screen.


Step 6

Finally, the list will close automatically, and now you can see how your operating system will have changed the language you wanted, you just have to verify that you did it correctly and ready.


The truth is that changing the language in the Xioami Mi 8 Lite is very simple and practical, especially for those who are in a new country and want to learn the prevailing language.

And best of all, is that to do it you do not need any internal program, because just by using the configurations of your device, you can do it on your Xioami Mi 8 Lite.

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