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Duplicate the image of your iOS device on your PC or Mac thanks to LonelyScreen

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Surely you have ever thought about viewing the content of your device on a larger screen - be it a game, video, etc -. It is not complicated to achieve the goal, since there are several applications that give us the ability to duplicate the image of our device on a computer. The problem is that most come with many more features, and therefore, a higher price that invites the least to think about it , as is the case of Reflector.

If what you are looking for is an application as simple and economical as possible , that allows us to see the screen of our iOS device on a MacOS or Windows computer , LonelyScreen is the solution.


There are many advantages that this application brings, but they emphasize the simplicity of the interface, the wide compatibility with the different versions of Windows and MacOS, but above all, the ability to record the screen of our terminal .

How do we configure LonelyScreen ?

It will not take us much effort to see the image of our terminal on the computer monitor. For this we must follow these simple steps .

  1. We downloaded LonelyScreen for the corresponding system - at the end of the article you will find the direct links -.

  2. We open the application on our computer. We will see how the main window appears, where the screen in which we will visualize our iOS device is shown. Right below, we will find the button to make the recordings and a direct access for those already made.

  3. On our iOS device, we access the Control Center , where we will mark the AirPlay button .

  4. If we are correctly connected to the same Wi-Fi network as the computer, the LonelyScreen option will appear as if it were an Apple TV. We select this option .


Once these steps are completed we can see the screen of our iOS terminal on the Windows or MacOS computer monitor with a quality and fluidity that is more than acceptable.


Download LonelyScreen for Windows .

Download LonelyScreen for MacOS .